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Not only should young people treat others with respect, they need to respect themselves and know and understand that their digital footprint should always be a positive and realistic reflection of themselves. Responsibility —this should be taught from the first swipe of the iPad!

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We need to constantly remind young people that they are the most tech savvy generation to date and they have a responsibility to shape the online world positively for generations to come. Let them know they can be the difference between a positive or negative online experience. Instil them with confidence to be vigilant both online and offline and inspire them to take a stand and be the right kind of digital influencer. Reasoning —it can often be difficult for young people to step back and process whether information they see online is credible or true.

As AI and machine learning technologies continue to advance, it will only become more difficult for young people — not to mention, adults - to discern what is real and what is not.

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Resilience —unfortunately, young people are bound to witness or experience nasty comments and may come across confronting or inappropriate content online. Blocking or limiting their access is not going to build the strength and resolve they need to withstand this potential online onslaught. We need to provide kids with solution-focused coping strategies to ensure they can bounce back from tough situations—online and offline.

We all have a part to play in leading the way for our youth—we ourselves need to model good behaviour in order for them to effectively develop the 4 Rs of online safety. But we also need to give young people a voice so they feel empowered to continue these important online safety conversations among their peers, to create a strong culture of mutual respect where bad behaviour in not tolerated.



She made her designer handbag using an old coat hanger, corks and old fabric. What about making your own bags at school from recycled materials?

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What do you think Rosie does with her clothes when she no longer needs them? How many ways can you think of to stop clothes going to waste?

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In her bag there is a letter to the scrapstore in a reused envelope, water in an old bottle and some recycled loo roll too! Ask Us Composting What can go in my compost bin? Composting at School - How to do it! Composting Systems Recycling A-Z.