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The Wabash river offers great outdoor opportunities, and local brewing at the Lafayette Brewing Company, as well as a host of other local restaurants and bars offers a great time. Though small, Manhattan has been voted one of the top ten places to retire young by CNN and Money magazine. Tallgrass Brewing Co offers homegrown brews.

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While creature comforts and livability are present as seen in it's high ranking in many "best cities to retire" lists , it's also been described by the New York Times as having "the most vital music scene between Chicago and Denver. Syracuse is the economic and educational hub for central New York, a region of over 1 million residents. This being said it has the offerings of a large metro area, while also being the home of centrally located Syracuse University, some schools of the State University of New York, and Le Moyne College.

Cultural offerings such as theaters, opera, museums, classical music, and a vibrant nightlife complement life in Syracuse.

Columbia has a reputation of progressive politics, protected journalism and public art centering around University of Missouri, Columbia College, and Stephens College. Numerous restaurants and venues that bring some of the best indie and jazz artists through Columbia help keep the town busy at nights. Binghamton is home to Binghamton University, is an economic powerhouse, and a regional cultural center. Centered around the defense industry, there are tons of employment opportunities for graduates or newcomers.

The city is home to a variety of festivals, a large gathering of art galleries downtown, and the regions premiere philharmonic. Coupled with a number of museums, many of the towns historic buildings assure there's always something new to explore. Known as Silicon Prairie, Lincoln ranked 4 on Forbes' list of the best places for business and careers in Besides those who move to town, talent for the education, health, and information technology sectors comes from University of Nebraska, Union College, and Nebraska Wesleyan University.

Due to a stable economy, good schools, and size, Lincoln has been considered one of the most welcoming cities for immigrants and those moving from elsewhere in the US for many years. Many prominent artists and writers also live in Amherst today. As one might expect, along with prominent artistic and cultural events, Amherst is also a center of liberal politics.

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While the Universities are the largest employers in Amherst proper, a number of larger economic centers are within commuting range. While Minneapolis is slightly larger than other cities on our list, it's also home to the fourth-largest student body amongst public 4-year Universities.

As far as offerings, a full It's one of the nation's top bicycling cities, and 5 Fortune corporations that call Minneapolis home. Minneapolis offers the best of both a college town and a larger city. Cambridge is perhaps best known as an intellectual powerhouse. While Harvard and MIT are the largest employers, the level of highly qualified grads makes Cambridge a center of tech and research activity. Stapes, Hewlett-Packard and Amazon. While Vermont may be small, Burlington's metro area holds a full third of the state's total population.

The town was labelled a "town to watch" by AARP in , highlighting a number of components also beneficial to college towns: new urbanism, smart growth, mixed-use development, and easy living standards. The University of Vermont, Burlington College and Champlain College round out the student population in this college town. A vibrant musical, artistic, and cultural scene make this small town an exciting place to visit or stay. Phish originated in Burlington, and it is home to the Emily Post Institute an etiquette organization. Traditionally reliant on an agricultural economy, in recent years Fargo has developed food processing, manufacturing, technology, retail, education and healthcare economic sectors.

In Forbes ranked Fargo as the 7th best small city in the nation to start a business or work. Though it does get cold in the winters, a large influx of college students, numerous entertainment options, and jobs after college make Fargo one of America's fastest growing college towns. This small city lies not far from Pittsburgh and D. The Morgantown Personal Rapid Transit connects the three campuses of West Virginia University and downtown, providing a unique public transit option with good coverage of the town. The "horse capital of the world" is home to Transylvania University as well as the University of Kentucky.

Home to southern hospitality, the world's largest basketball-specific arena, and booming tech and government sectors, Lexington has one of the nations most stable economies, and is fun to boot. The Urban Growth Boundary, established in the late 50's keeps city density high, and preserves the surrounding horse farms that give the region its identity.

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In , Kiplinger's ranked the town as the second best "Top Ten College Towns for Grownups" and the town is often featured on lists of good "medium sized cities" to live in. A long list of yearly festivals, dining, and entertainment options attract interest from both local residents and tourists.

Hartford is one of the oldest cities in the US. An economic powerhouse for its size, Hartford is home to most notably University of Connecticut law school, Trinity College, and University of Hartford. Historical attractions abound in Hartford, including the nation's oldest public art museum, the Wadsworth Atheneum; the nation's oldest public park, Bushnell Park; and the nations second-oldest secondary school, Hartford Public.

Mark Twain, one of Hartford's most illustrious residents left his house that can now be toured as a museum. Additional Information:.

49. Wellesley, Massachusetts

This small town is the home of two former U. Listed as the "brainiest" city in the US by Lumosity in , the University of Virginia— one of the Public Ivies— is definitely a rallying point for the town. The downtown mall, one of the longest outdoor pedestrian malls in the nation, rolling vineyards, and views of the Blue Ridge Mountains make Charlottesville a beautiful spot with great livability.

Blacksburg is home to Virginia Tech, Radford University, and a number of large employers. With close to two students for every non-student, Blacksburg is definitely centered around college life. BEV and close proximity to high quality graduates make Blacksburg an ideal location for tech firms. As far as creature comforts, Blacksburg is situated between the Blue Ridge and Allegheny mountains with beautiful views around town. In the mountains there are tons of scenic drives and outdoor activities. In town, there are more than restaurants, pubs, art galleries, and boutiques.

Most of them aren’t bucolic, ivy-covered places.

If you want a high quality town that's on the smaller size, Blacksburg could be the place for you. A great homegrown music and microbrewery scene complement the town's collegiate vibes, with one of it's most attended events hosted by New Belgium Brewery; "Tour de Fat" as the event is called, draws over 20, people riding bikes and dressing in costume. Within sight of the Front Range, there are limitless outdoor opportunities as well as skiing in the winter. Champaign-Urbana is one of the greenest cities in the US. However, it also offers a more urban feel than similarly-sized cities. Without many traditional suburbs, Champaign-Urbana is home to a developed urban setting surrounded by farmland and small farming villages.

If you want the cultural offerings of a world class university town without the traffic, urban sprawl, and high cost of living, Champaign-Urbana is the place for you. Traditional industries such as big farming and Kraft Foods split employment opportunities with a growing information and technology sector and the University itself. THe University of Illinois is one of the great public universities in the US, and many of the town's arts, entertainment, and intellectual activities center around the school.

A lively music scene, museums, festivals, and a number of theaters make sure you'll have plenty to do in town. Pittsburgh's a bit bigger than other locations on our list, but has a student population that keeps pace with the population of the city as a whole. Largely thanks to it's status as the home of many corporate headquarters through the 20th century, Pittsburgh has massive research infrastructure, libraries, cultural districts, and the most bars per capita in the U.

Currently Pittsburgh is home to some 1, tech firms including Apple, Google, and Intel , and federal headquarters for cyber defense, robotics, and energy research. Carnegie Mellon, the University of Pittsburgh, and a whopping 66 other colleges and Universities make Pittsburgh one of the "smartest" cities in the US. Gainesville was the 2nd fastest-growing city in the nation from , highlighting a large growth in working-age population, employment, and median income.

As with many cities attracting young talent, Gainesville is also a growing startup hub, the poster child of which is the music startup Grooveshark. In Gator country, one of the top party schools in the nation meets a thriving research environment and highly competitive athletic programs. Those who have come to love Gainesville cite near tropical weather, natural beauty, a strong business climate, and lots of entertainment options as reasons to love the city. If you're a nature buff, you'll love the variety of parks sporting spanish moss and palm trees, and other features such as the butterfly rainforest, or University of Florida's "Bat House.

Corvallis is home to Oregon State University, a number of large employers, and beautiful views of the Cascade Range. A naturalist's paradise, Corvallis was the nation's 1 Green Power Community in , and is ranked by Outside Magazine as one of the top 20 towns in which to live. Corvallis is known for high life-expectancy, tons of parks, and a high quality of living. Consistently ranked as one of the smartest towns in America , Oregon State University receives more research funding than all other public higher education institutions in Oregon combined.

It is also one of only two universities in the nation to be a land-grant, sea-grant, space-grant, and sun-grant institution. Iowa City boasts a storied literary scene, a community that gives back, and good dining and night life. Events like the Iowa City book festival and Literary Walk keep the bookish vibes alive and present today in Iowa City.

The Reality of America's College Towns

An acclaimed hospital system hosts a series of city-wide events focused on giving back. For those looking for a good time, the University of Iowa was ranked as the nation's top party school of As would be an established nightlife and dining scene are present downtown. Through recent years, State College has been known as one of the smartest towns in America, one of the best music scenes in the country, and one of the safest small towns in the country—not bad, eh?

State College is fairly medium sized compared to other cities on our list, with metro area population coming in around , On top of all State College's amenities, a few minutes drive leads you to golden cornfields and rolling hills with cattle.

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State College truly is a college "town" in the truest sense of the word, with a local obsession with Penn State football, great local schools, and a thriving downtown located near the University. Great weather, a vibrant collegiate atmosphere, music, arts, and tons of food festivals make Chapel Hill a great college town. Beautiful Georgian architecture and the basketball powerhouse Tar Heels are infectious. There's no way life in Chapel Hill can't center around the University. With over acres of parks and natural areas, the town could double as a nature sanctuary, yet it's connected worldwide.

As a part of the "Research Triangle" there are tons of opportunities to work in science, tech, or healthcare.