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Two Married Guys While wife is away, hubby seeks to fulfill fantasy. Poker Night with Friends Two men explore their bi-curiosity at the wife's request. Having My Ass Creamed Married guy does him bareback outside. How I Became a Cocksucker Married straight guy discovers other men. Wife's New Job Pt. Being Bi for the Wife I help fulfill my wife's bi-orgy fantasy. Straight From the Horse's Mouth! Husbands have fun with wives at Halloween party. Daytona Swingers' Surprise Married couple get more than expected from their first swing.

Admitting My Secret Ch. Brother-in-Law Banging He hooks up with his wife's younger brother. What Happens in Vegas Becoming Her Bitch My wife of three years made me admit something to myself.

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Couple Does Bi Guy Couple agrees to a threesome with a bi-male coworker. Trips We Take Young couple try bi sex. His Wife's Whore A man learns to be careful what he wishes for. It's Gone Too Far The first in a series about how my wife got her way. A Fantasy Fulfilled My wife helps me experience a longtime fantasy. The Other Side of the Window Married man learns he is built for taking cock.

A Fantasy Cums True Married man is taken by young neighbor.

Multiple Lovers, Without Jealousy

Bisexual's First Time My first time with man to man sex. Meatings Ch. After a Night of Incest Mom and son talk about the night before. Suck Him for Me Wife makes her case using powerfully suggestive persuasion. Finally Used like a Submissive Slut Married guy has his face used by dominant cock.

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The Truth is Known Wife discovers her transvestite hubby likes cocks. Huge His new penis did not want his wife. It wanted men. Dave and Linda Ch. My Epiphany Wife teaches him that he wants to suck cock. What Am I Doing? Married man's first male on male sex.

1. Kink and Fetish

A Surprise at the Gym A surprise in the shower with three guys. Master Mike Married hetero man submits to Master Mike. Dominated in Jamaica Ch. Fulfilling a Need Married guy gets the cocks he needs. Three Bi Night Ch. Business Trip with Joel He learns more than he anticipated from his gay co-worker.

Playing with Matches A married man is coaxed into a gay threesome. Hot Rod Wife watches her husband take a hot rod. When Friends Visit Husband is loaned out for the night. Joining a Married Couple An experience joining a married couple for a threesome. Bi Biker Gangbang A fight with the wife leads to a night of kink. Bath House Ch. The Dancer His wife takes him to an all-male review. Your Package Has Arrived Ch. Our Big Boy Toy A couple finds a big bi young stud. The Camping Trip Two married guys find pleasure on a camping trip.

Monogamy quickly became the norm—and social norms influence our psychology. The process of adhering to social rules and punishing rule violators tickles the reward circuits of our brains. Some studies suggest that each time you think to yourself that polyamory is icky, an oxytocin molecule gets its wings.

In its history, America saw only a handful of collective dalliances away from two-person marriage model. By some accounts , the Oneida way of life was far more feminist than traditional marriage was at the time: The women only had sex when they wanted to, for example, and some of the female members relished having multiple sex partners.

But this was no erotic utopia. Members were publicly chastised if they were discovered carrying on exclusive relationships. In , Noyes, fearing arrest for statutory rape, fled the country and wrote to his to his followers that they should abandon complex marriage. The 70 remaining commune members entered traditional marriages with whomever they happened to be living with at the time.

Group marriage saw a limited rebirth in the communes of the s, and open relationships, too, had a heyday in the permissive s. There was no one you could talk to about it. I felt like I was crazy or that there was something wrong with me. In her youth, she entered a sexless monogamous relationship that puttered along for a few years before she discovered the poly world.

Eros is, after all, the primary force that binds the universe together. To be sure, the sanctity of two-person marriage still looms large: For decades now, most Americans— 90 percent, give or take —have told Gallup that having an affair is unacceptable. In a survey conducted in a Midwestern town, only 7 percent of the residents said they would ever participate in mate-swapping. Only 2 percent said they ever had.

However, an April study asked 1, heterosexuals how willing they would be, on a scale from one to seven, to commit various non-monogamous acts, such as swinging or adding a third party to the relationship. Polyamory might seem like the bailiwick of the young and carefree, but many of its practitioners have children.

One day, the couple was watching the television show Sister Wives , which documents a polygamous family in Utah, when the daughter remarked that it was an interesting system. Sheff said that most polyamorous parents date outside the home, much like divorced parents do. Wilcox also assumes that polyamorous people must struggle to devote enough time and attention to each partner and child. There are limits to time and space. By easing the competition to scoop up as many wives as possible, monogamy allows men to instead focus on things like child-rearing, long-term planning, and saving money.

It also increases the age at first marriage and lowers fertility rates, Henrich found. The nascent research that does exist suggests these modern polyamorous relationships can be just as functional—and sometimes even more so—than traditional monogamous pairings. Apparently, sneaking around is already so morally torturous that a stop at Walgreens for Trojans would simply be too much to handle. Bjarne Holmes, a psychologist at Champlain College in Vermont has found that polyamorous people tend to experience less overall jealousy, even in situations that would drive monogamous couples to Othello -levels of suspicion.

Sheff agreed. Polyamorous people also seemed to trust each other more. But if they hold up, it could mean that at least in some ways, polyamory is a more humane way to love. Shackelford, an evolutionary psychologist at Oakland University, told me. These divergent infidelity anxieties, Shackelford says, forged the differences in how modern men and women experience relational jealousy today. Women get more upset about emotional unfaithfulness, while men are more concerned with sexual cheating.

How many orgasms did you have?

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Did you buy her gifts? Did you take her to our restaurant? Beyond the broad strokes of gender, individual differences further shape our jealous reactions. In a study , Shackelford found that men who had previous long-term relationship experience were more jealous in their current romances. Modern forms of dating also have the potential to foment jealousy to a greater degree than the steadier, simpler courtships of yore.

And women now have sex for the first time nearly 10 years before they give birth for the first time. In , that span was only four years. Later marrying and child-rearing ages have opened up a bevy of potential mate options at work, among friends, and online. But with great choice often comes great envy. Social media tends to pump steroids into existing romantic discontent.