How To Be Happy

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Being in nature may feed your Soul. Beauty may feed your Soul. Music may do this for some. Hobbies do this for others. Giving yourself the permission and time to do the things that nurture you is a key to staying happy. Your body has needs, which if not heeded, can have debilitating effects on your physical and emotional bodies. Good clean diet, exercise to fit your temperament, and relaxation activities to reduce stress should all be part of your normal way of life. A body undernourished, filled with toxins, and stressed out is not going to add to your happiness or your ability to consciously create your world.

Your life is your creation. I have worked with Bach Flower Remedies for years. And they are phenomenally effective actually miraculous in lifting your emotional well-being to higher states. Aromatherapy is another great way to change your mood. If you are dealing with intense grief, depression, anxiety or other debilitating emotional states, find someone to help you through this until you can manage getting to the happy place by yourself. Although this is listed last, it is actually the first thing I do when I find myself in a state less than total joy!

How do you ask for help? Reply Biri Tamang.. February 1, AT PM. Waoo I am impressed.. Thank you so much for encouraging me.. And may god bless you.. Smile at people, tell them you love them, listen, pray, see the beauty that surrounds you, be thank full each and every day you wake up and give thanks and praise.


Take care of your vessel body. Pray for mental, physical, and spiritual health. The God you love loves you big time. Avoid anger, and forgive. I used to live in a faraway place long ago where everyday events of spectacular wonder would be what daydreams are made of. Life is short-Live it well. Please know you have the power to change everything in your life.

1. What is Happiness?

Plz suggest someone that can help me. Me too — rough day — I try at work but I can not help you. I have the same problem — struggling with financials housing and do not smoke or drink and miserable. I miss driving my own car terribly after my car accident. I lost my husband due to a massive heart attack,I think I lost myself too along the way I am depressed all the time ,I sleep a lot,and I cry a lot. Never want to go out in public.

I know I really need help. Leave,nobody is permanent my friend. My boyfriend has heart failure and never wants to see me — says its lack of money — I am the same and he is still alive — just hopeless I may never see him again. When I call he says he is sleeping and do not call him. This blog indeed help me gain my hope back. All the positive vibes threaded to each word synced my soul with were indeed mesmerrising. Thank you. Keep helping populace. I just readed this right now i apply all these to me!! Think all would be helpful. You can sign up to receive these messages through your email here: innerartinc.

My soul felt lifted and i saw myself smiling when i came to that point says honouring your need. If someone want to stay happy in journey of life. There are so many books already available on this aspect of life, some of them seems to be a mockery of the Subject itself. Even I try to help my friends, Relatives with the wise words, but when I become a victim, I can feel how useless these words are in contrast to what u r already suffering.

Thanks to you I feel as free as the dust in the air. Your kind and helpful advices has removed all sadness and depressions from my mind.

You are most welcome. We are all here to help one another. Wishing you a lifetime of happiness. This is helpful to a few people, I am happy because of these helpful and lovely points but i do this all the time to stay jolly. Hope my advise helped. With Love Earlyactar Saad Khan.

15 habits of incredibly happy people

I absolutely agree…music is a mood changer. I did mention it in my book, in the chapter on Happiness. Thanks for reminding us all! Great post! You have reminded me to attend to my needs, and to remember that happiness can come in quickly as soon as I make a little shift. Thank you! I agree… sometimes we forget how quickly we can shift our emotions and thus our realities. How to Stay Happy. Think about it. Emotions create reality. Not so easy? I challenge anyone to stay unhappy if they earnestly apply these suggestions: 1.

Set an intention Intentions are the cornerstones to creating your reality folks. Here is mine for my well-being emotionally: I intend to live in the now and feel greater and greater depths of love, fun, joy, happiness, ecstasy, compassion and caring for myself and others; to have fun continuously, and to open more every day to my creativity, psychic abilities and passion. Hold it in your image When you think of yourself, do you think of an ecstatically happy person?

Affirmation: I am happy and becoming happier each and every day!

How to Be Happy: 15 Common Habits of Incredibly Happy People

Slow, slow, slow down One of the biggest happiness stealers is multi-tasking. This is a magical fix folks. Try it. Honor your needs and what feeds your soul We all have things that nurture us, that feed our soul and rejuvenate us. What are your needs?

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Are you giving yourself permission to fill them? Take good care of you Your body has needs, which if not heeded, can have debilitating effects on your physical and emotional bodies. I am talking about amazing mood altering, nature given flower essences and aromatherapy.

Get professional help if you need it We all need a little help sometimes. And that goes for mentally and emotionally too. They are always there… always listening, and if you allow them, will always help. In joyous creation,.


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