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Lighting apparatus by Edmundson. Cast iron by William Turner, Oxmantown Foundry.

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Contractor: William M. Murphy, Bantry. Refs: IB 34, 1 May , Letter to editor. Sloane, John Swan 'What is a boulder? Letter to editor, reprinted in Roger Stalley, ed. Letters to editor. Sloane, John Swan 'Technical Education. Only a Compositor. Letter to editor which identifies Sloane as the journal's contributor 'Fingal'. Under pseudonym 'Fingal'. Additional notes at end of obituary initialled by him in his own copy of the journal. Initialled by him in his own copy of the journal.

Letter to editor, signed 'A Fettler'. Poem, signed with Greek sigma. Under pseudonym 'Fingal'.. Signed with Greek sigma.

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Letter to editor,. Irish Times , 19 Nov , 6. Replacement for 'Bloody Bridge' i. Proposal for widening same; 'elaborately finished drawings' of scheme exh. DB 2, 1 Feb,1 Apr , , Very extensive covered timber yard with roof of 56 ft clear span being erected and other alts. Tender of W. Extensive imps. New front. Villa residence for sub-inspector of constabulary in demesne of Caherconlish House, about to be erected for Charles M.

Restoration begun under superintendence of JSS, 'the funds having been generously supplied by the neighbouring gently at the instance of the Rev. Beautiful fountain being erected by governors of Swords school to supply the centre of town with water. Lighthouse keeper's house. DB 5, 1 Aug , ; John S.

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Replacement of lantern supervised by JSS. John S. Renovation of interior, new lantern and catadioptric revolving apparatus. Designed by JSS.

General Advertiser , 23 Apr ; John S. Tuesdays at 1pm, get last minute tickets for performances the following week. Running time TBC. If you have been affected by any of the issues raised in this production, you can get free support 24 hours a day, days a year from the Samaritans. Principal Partner. View Vassa on facebook View Vassa on twitter. Book Now October.

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Only those we make for ourselves. One house. One fortune. One victor. Vassa Rehearsal Photos. Alexandra Dowling Lipa. Film includes: Starbright ; Hammer of the Gods. Michael Gould Prokhor. For the Almeida: The Writer. Arthur Hughes Pavel. Television includes: The Innocents ; Doctors. Daniella Isaacs Dunyechka.

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We would like to emphasise that this fraction generally represents an underestimate of the probability that the alias is the correct one. This is because it does not take into account the interactive rejection of aliases, normally because they result in clearly deformed radial velocity curves, which are possible when analysing the periodograms of the actual observational data for each system. For our four main targets we show the spectroscopic orbits in Fig. The corresponding phase-binned spectra are shown in Fig. Circular spectroscopic orbits found using sbop.

The reference times corresponding to zero phase refer to inferior conjuction the mid-point of primary eclipse in eclipsing systems. Phase-binned stacked spectra of the target CVs.

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The top spectrum in each plot is the averaged spectrum. Radial velocities from the double-Gaussian technique show a weak periodicity at Trailed grey-scale plots of the VLT spectra, phase-binned using this period, show that a weak S-wave is present. S-waves are commonly observed in CVs and are attributed to the velocity variation of a hot spot where the accretion stream from the secondary star hits the outer edge of the accretion disc.

Because of the larger amplitude of the S-wave, compared to the wings of the emission lines, it is often a better indicator of orbital variation than the emission-line wings. In the AoV periodogram the min alias shows a much weaker peak but the min peak again has only slightly less power than the min highest peak. We have fitted spectroscopic orbits using all three possible periods and find that the min period gives the orbit with the lowest residuals and the highest velocity ampitude.

Bootstrapping simulations using the Scargle periodogram method find that this alias has the highest power 75 per cent of the time but remember that this is pessimistic — see Section 3. We are therefore confident that this is the actual orbital period of the binary system.

The corresponding best-fitting orbit has a period of These short-term brightenings were also detected in the photometry reported by Woudt et al. Similar short events are seen on occasion as brightness depressions, e.

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A time-series analysis of all data combined does not reveal any coherent period. However, different subsets of data show periodic variability. There is no indication of this period in the spectra.

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  6. This is in agreement with the evidence for strong X-ray variability reported by Szkody et al. Right-hand panel: the data folded over that frequency small points and binned into 15 points. Lower panels: the Scargle periodogram of the two combined nights of the LT data from August.