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Author s. Charlie Fletcher.

Now that George Chapman has upset the fragile truce between the warring statues of London, he has been drawn into a war that will test his mettle. He and Edie, a glint who can see the past, may have succeeded in their quest to find the Stoneheart, but their journey is far from over. Edie and the Gunner, a statue of a World War I soldier, have been captured by the Walker, and it's up to George to save them. But first he must deal with the three strange veins, made of marble, bronze and stone, that have begun to grow out of his hand and curl around his wrist.

Legend has it that unless he successfully completes three challenges, the veins will continue up his forearm, and eventually pierce through his heart. As George struggles to find the strength within to face the choice he has made, to take the Hard Way, he is determined to use his power for good-even as others wish to harness it for its great potential for evil.

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Meet Joy Jones! Meet Rena Barron! Before we ge Latest Book Listings Added. Also by process of elimination: No other Senjak sister was Taken. Further supporting evidence: A sorcerer's true name is the strongest hold another sorcerer could have. From She is the Darkness.

And she would not give those names away even to One-Eye and Goblin. She would die first. Letting other people know a Name would also let other people have the same hold.

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  • Therefore, any name Lady uses in public would not be the true name. The only people who witnessed Booboo's first naming were Sleepy, who obviously didnt' understand, Booboo, who obviously did, and Shivetya, maybe, who wouldn't care or couldn't take advantage. Finally, keep in mind what Lady says about her upbringing. Paraphrasing, it goes something like "We were kept from killing each other by clever stratagems and deceptions. Glen Cook is an excellent writer She doubtless had a very keen interest in both Lady and the Dominator, and probably divined what happened on the day of the final battle.

    When the Lady was named, Darling's null field was already very badly frayed. I wouldn't be surprised if Soulcatcher was also observing If possible, she became even paler. Her jaw seemed clenched so tight her teeth ought to be cracking. I made a mental note to discuss this with Murgen. He knew something about the crow. That's why I hold that 'Miranda' is Booboo's name.

    Project Soul Catcher

    I'd also point out that Croaker says, in Soldiers Live , that the women of Lady's culture were the ones who named the children. That begs the question of who named the Senjak sisters, since their mother was, umm It doubtless made the subsequent deceptions easier, though. I really enjoy this debate. But I can disprove that theory with just one point, which is: 1 The Dominator did not know the names of all the Taken.

    Nowhere in the Black Company does it say that the Dominator knew all of the Taken's true names. We are told by Soulcatcher in the first book that Lady knows all of their true names But that's all it is: an assumption. There's no proof of it in the books. And since the Dominator blew his chance to name the Lady I personally think he's a moron who wouldn't have known Soulcatcher's true name even if she'd had it tattooed on her Whereas Lady, who Soulcatcher said herself does know all the Taken's names, calls Soulcatcher "Sylith.

    Soul Catcher: The Outsider Trilogy, Book 1 (Unabridged)

    As for their being a third sister among the Taken, there's this quote from Soldiers Live Soulcatcher, again : "The Dominator had taken her and all her sisters, had made one of them his wife and another his lover By their theory she became another of the Taken, maybe Nightcrawler.

    Which would explain the identity of the third female Taken, which was never actually revealed in the novels But Booboo's true name, now I never said I doubted that. I think it's an interesting theory.


    I will note that if the Lady-crow could enunciate "sister, sister," she could probably also say "Miranda" if she wanted to. Not that it matters. I just think "Wiranda" has a more exotic ring to it. In "Shadow Games," there were many scenes with the Shadowmasters discussing what the "Great Ones" up north, like Limper, were up to. Presumably they were also watching the events at the Barrowlands very closely, through a more-powerful version of the Scrying Bowl or what have you, and witnessed Lady being named.

    Interesting point. Let's look at it again from another point of view. Assumption 1: The names that the Senjak sisters knew each other by and called each other, were not the actual, true names. There's considerable evidence for this, actually. Soulcatcher, even after knowing Lady's true name is Dorotea, still refers to Lady as Ardath on multiple occasions. Ditto for Booboo, Howler, or any other individual whom Lady cares about or is interested in. This is a very important part of Lady's character. Lady does this to both protect and hold power over those she is concerned with.

    Understand, Shukrat is correct in her observation that Soulcatcher could have wiped out Lady, Croaker, et.

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    The unstated but proven corollary is that Lady could have crippled Soulcatcher on multiple occasions too, by naming her, or allowing another to name her. She didn't. This leaves two choices. Ardath, or Credence. At this point, yes, logic breaks down and no assumptions can be made about which one is Soulcatcher's true name. Probably because she either died or committed suicide. There's every indication that the Dominator's appetites were not exactly limited to one person.

    Also, there's the possibility that Soulcatcher wasn't being accurate in her own thoughts. She's more than a little bit crazy. Remember, it's not the author saying "The Dominator took Soulcatcher and all her sisters, marrying the Lady and subjecting the other two to the Ritual of Taking. In the books, Lady is the only one who we know for sure took the name of one of of her sisters. Writing this final chapter was a therapeutic experience for me.