Taming the Fire: A Rouge Paranormal Romance

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But who will protect her from this voracious lover who's introducing her to a new world of erotic thrills - a man who grows increasingly insatiable with each new weather event? The debut novel from Sydney Croft - a blisteringly hot paranormal series that has been described as The X-Men meets erotica Rouge Romance - your first stop for romance books. Now, ACRO, a covert agency that seeks to help people with special powers, has sent para Further, the particular reach of the e-book shop is immense, enabling an individual living in Sydney to source out to be able to a publication house in Chicago.

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Large companies, such because Amazon or Barnes and Noble, tend to not carry these eBook your local library. But for the hero in this book, Brick, his beast is breaking out of his bonds. Something that will likely result in Brick being killed for being feral There's also a suspense aspect to this story.


There's a serial killer on the loose killing the pre-adolescent shifters of the pack. Note: this story was not completed in this first book, so I'm guessing this will be an ongoing plot line throughout the series. Thrown into all of this with new warning is the new doctor in Fire Creek, Kim. Kim has her own complicated story. Something happened to her medical career in LA which ruined everything. There's a lot of the story devoted to how much she has lost materially. I'll be honest, for me that aspect of her character skirted really close to the edge of too much, making her a shallow person that I didn't like.

That was the one thing that I wasn't real fond of about in this story. But everything else in the story did work for me. I loved Brick and the men we got to meet from the pack. There is definitely some great potential there for upcoming stories. I found Brick's issues fascinating and the whole medical investigation going on by Kim to find out "why" he's having issues was great. I could totally buy the explanation of it all and liked getting deep into Brick's head with his interactions with his beast and wolf. It was an interesting book and a great start to this series.

I definitely plan to read more as they release. I received a complimentary copy of this book in return for an honest review. Aug 12, Jeanette Book-Reviews rated it liked it Shelves: arc , netgalley. It's a very different story not your typical werewolf story which got my attention as I like a little "shake up" from the normal werewolves story that is out there A credit to Dee Carney!

Kim is a human doctor working in a small town, which is new to her as you will see when you read her story, I'm not for one to spoil things! She meets Brick when he needs medical attention The story was a little slow to begin with but soon makes up for it! Feels like it will be.

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Jul 21, Kate's Corner marked it as nuff-said. This really isn't for me to be honest. I'm a bit bored really. But find out for yourself. Sep 15, Anuradha rated it did not like it Shelves: did-not-finish. DNF It's a good premise but lacked depth. Oct 28, April rated it liked it Shelves: adult , paranormal.

Sep 07, Marsha Spohn rated it it was amazing Shelves: keeper-bookshelf , beginning-of-new-series , paranormal-romance , series. A fascinating new twist on the shifter is given to us by Ms Carney. These shifters not only have their dominant human plus their wolf — they have a third beast shift as well.

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  • The beast is the most primitive and the most dangerous as the beast is only allowed out one night of the month, on the night of the full moon. Every shifter in Fire Creek has a beast, and some are more under control than others. Should a member of the pack go feral and their beast cannot be put under control then the shifter is banished from the pack, for the safety of the pack and surrounding human citizens… or hunted and killed.

    The beast more resembles the werewolf monster of movies in its primal need to destroy.

    The human and their wolf live in harmony with the wolf being allowed out whenever the need or desire is there — the beast is shut deep inside… but all three make up a complete person. Kim and Brick have a sensuous, fiery and very sexual relationship.

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    The interest, passion and beginning steps of falling in love are apparent to the other pack members — Brick is over the top in doing all he can to claim Kim as his mate. In a race against time and the coming full moon Brick and Kim will try anything to find a way to keep Brick within the pack. While Brick is not the Alpha of the pack, have no doubt that this is definitely an alpha male.

    Kim is tossed into a world that she never knew existed. And while she has questions, fears and concerns she also has secrets as to why she has been banished to this backwoods, small town clinic. Trust for both of them is going to be hard won, but so worth it in the end. If you enjoy Paranormal Romance, particularly Shifters then you are going to want to get into this series starting at the very beginning. Taming Her Wolf is intense, engaging with a well defined history of the pack and an equally believable reason for the beast in them all.

    I was deep in the story with only a few pages. Yes, there is world building since this is the first story with a new type of shifter, I completely expected that so it did not take away from the story — it enhanced it and gave me the chance to understand these people, enjoy their story so much more. I would highly recommend Taming Her Wolf and look forward to the next story in this series. That does not change what I think of this novel. Aug 18, Jean Smith rated it really liked it. When love conquers terror The book blurb lays out the basics for Taming Her Wolf.

    Sydney Croft

    In fact, it is the latest victim that brings Dr. Kim Sharpe into the very secretive world of the pack. Having taken over the clinic for a recently deceased country doctor, Kim only wishes to retreat from all the social media and ridicule her life has become from a very public and career ending medic When love conquers terror The book blurb lays out the basics for Taming Her Wolf. Having taken over the clinic for a recently deceased country doctor, Kim only wishes to retreat from all the social media and ridicule her life has become from a very public and career ending medical disaster.

    Nor did she ever imagine that she would be the pair of new eyes necessary to see patterns that link the deaths of the teens, patterns that also link to the mysterious feral condition of her new lover. Never did she imagine herself falling in love with this man who harbors three distinct entities: man, beast and wolf. His beast, which provides his man and wolf with strength and healing is pushing the bounds of his metaphysical world and attempting to burst forth at totally inappropriate times. It means his pack will be forced to put him down if not.

    Sharpe arouses the interests of all three of his entities. The interesting thing is she not only arouses the beast, she soothes it. But, what if the good doctor has the cure for what ails him? What if Kim can piece together what is going on with their teens?