The Art of Teaching Martial Arts

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Short intensive courses to Higher Education. The Institute of Martial Arts and Sciences is fortunate enough to number some of the most senior martial arts masters in the world among its members, and this includes western martial arts such as those of ancient Greece, European Renaissance, traditional stick fighting and wrestling, as well as those of the Orient Japan, China, Okinawa, Phillipines, Thailand, Korea, etc. You can join the IMAS as an individual or as a club.

Fellow, Member and Associate Member respectively.


To apply for membership as an individual please download our membership application form here. His plan was to meet once a week in a yearlong program. That way, the students could build up their skills and possibly earn a black belt. For them to show that kind of commitment for years on end is unbelievable. In , five years after the launch of his DS pilot program, Trower promoted 19 of his original 40 students to the rank of black belt.

The fortitude and will to succeed shown by his DS students set a glowing example for others to follow. We treat them with the same respect we would with any other teenager and adult. They are adults and we interact with them accordingly. Those individuals who are fortunate enough to live a disorderfree life often harbor an array of misconceptions about what DS is, and how it affects those with the syndrome.

After a student gets seven black stripes, we replace them with red stripes. Then, after 24 classes they will have three red stripes and will have their new belts awarded to them in class. That same amount of time holds true in our Down syndrome class as well.

The only jump kick I have them do is a jumping front kick. Trower and his staff of instructors walk the prospective recipients through each pattern before they perform it on their own. Down syndrome students are capable of comprehending the same lessons we teach in our regular class. Autism impacts the nervous system. The range and severity of symptoms can vary widely.


Common symptoms include difficulty with communication, difficulty with social interactions, obsessive interests and repetitive behaviors. Early recognition, as well as behavioral, educational, and family therapies may reduce symptoms and support development and learning. Nevertheless, teaching martial arts to a person with autism presents its own set of unique challenges. Plus, I did lots of research on the subject, in addition to getting input from speaking with special-education teachers and physical therapists.

By combining that information, I began designing a more traditional, year-round, weekly autistic martial arts class. Number one: Focusing on building students up physically. Number two: attention on their mental training.

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Motor skill development, balance and coordination were key elements for his new program. We help students build confidence in themselves. To succeed, you must put in the physical effort. We are very aware of those kinds of things. Balance is a key issue. They do half-jacks, where the arms go halfway up. It is very important to observe the instructor to figure out if he has the right amount of experience and skills to be teaching.

Unit of competency details

Does he look as if he is in control? How focused is his students on him when he is giving instructions? The way the students behave will often make you able to tell if the students respect the instructor or not regarding his teaching abilities. Pay attention to how the teacher teaches. Just because an instructor is very skillful doesn't mean he is a good teacher!

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Make sure to not only look at the fighting abilities of the instructor, also look to see if he has the abilities to teach. Is he engaging every student while he is teaching or is he just drilling them like they are "numbers"?

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Also make sure to check if he is actually focused on teaching and improving his students instead of focusing on his own training and just using the students as test subjects for trying out his techniques. There are actually instructors who has that kind of narcissistic behavior while teaching. Check to see if the instructor can prove his abilities. It is not uncommon for martial artists to want to teach their own class.

The problem is that many of them start their teaching prematurely. People should not start teaching if they still do not have the required fighting experience which is needed in order to effectively use their techniques in real sparring or combat. Join a class. When the above steps have been followed you will know which school and instructor to choose.

Good luck with your training! The best option is to research dojos in your area and make sure you can afford one. Yes No.