The Beautiful Butterfly and the Birth of Jesus

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My former friends were not following Christ, and every time I was around them, I was tempted to go back into my old life. Some of you may be in this stage.


Are there friends you need to distance yourself from in order to grow in your relationship with Jesus? Are there places you need to stop going? Are there attitudes and character traits you need to allow the Lord to handle? The newly emerged butterflies, though transformed, were very weak. For about an hour they just hung beside their cocoon. They rarely moved, and when they did, I saw drops of blood fall from their bodies.

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Ladies, some of you may be in this stage. You are a new Christian or a believer who has just returned to the Lord , and you are weak. You have just enough energy to hang onto Jesus. This may be a scary place for you, but know we have all been right where you are.

The Amazing Butterfly

The key to growing stronger is to keep moving in your relationship with Christ. I encourage you to find a more mature woman in Christ and ask her to come alongside you and disciple you. You and I need people to help us as we navigate this Christian life. When the new butterflies fell, they got back up and kept going.

I watched as one of the cocoons fell of their perch and lay on the ground. I thought it was going to die, but about an hour later, I saw a butterfly had emerged. This creature was amazing! It struggled to walk to the netting, climb up, and then stretch its wings. I was literally overcome with tears as I saw myself in this butterfly. Does this describe you?

Know that God has transformed you and will help carry you. No matter how difficult it may be right now, keep going. In the next few days, it will be time for us to open the flight cage and release the butterflies. They came in our home dirty and confined to the dirt. However, they will leave our home beautiful and soaring.

My prayer is you will allow God to do the same in you. She lives in Ruston, Louisiana, where she serves alongside her husband, Chris, who is a university and missions pastor. She is passionate about discipling young women to become ambassadors for Christ. However, her greatest joy is training her children Makaylan, Hannah, and Aaron to engage the culture around them with the truth of the gospel.

In her free time what is that?

Category : Christian Life , Jesus. Tags : Christian Life , new creation , regeneration , Salvation. I truly enjoyed this article it blessed me more than you will ever know I have been a pastor for 35 years I was searching for something On the butterfly this is fantastic. I have been into butterflies since I was 5and now Just did a party for my 2 friends that were baptized with butterflies in and outside. I never tire of them and what they represent. I have stage 4 cancer and considering a kit. Could you please send info?

Thanks so very much for your story and insight. Vincent a fellow servant in Christ greet you! Thank you for sharing your story about the butterflies! In the recent past I was shown by the Lord that the butterfly symbolizes the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ! He showd me this in my art! Peace and love to you in Christ! Thank you soooo much for this information. It is am and I am going through a transformation as we speak.

I am a grateful recovering addict working to get enough money to help me afford college.

The Butterfly - A Transformation Story

I am getting my degree to become a substance abuse counselor. I want to bring others out of their darkness into the light. This information is a blessing to me right now. Thank you so much for encouraging me even more now.

I keep seeing butterflies everywhere I go. My son was a vet who recently committed suicide. He believed in God. Seeing butterflies everywhere please help. Thank you for this article as I will be able to glean from this! I want to share this in response to your butterfly interest! Lord God of diesel shown to me recently that butterflies represent the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ lamb of God!

So now you know! The Lord showd me through my art of rainbow butterfly! Wish I could share it with you! I needed to read this. The article has been a blessing beyond any words. Thanks for the encouragement. It has really blessed my spirit. May God Continues to Bless you and your family spreading the word of God. Thank you for blessing me with this beautiful story. This is so appropriate to where i am in my life right now. Amanda, thank you for the beautiful story of the butterfly and transformation in Christ. I am in a very trying time in my life and I hear God calling me back and I am turning to Him completely.

Through the pain I am going through, I hear Him calling my family back together and to completely surrender unto Him. God led me to you! The last several years have been difficult for me.. Butterflies have been following me and a beautiful monarch butterfly landed on the top of my head recently. A reminder for me to never lose hope and continually look to Our Savior- He is forever by our side! Thank You for your inspiring words!

Two butterflies had passed my car about two weeks apart from each other so I wanted to know what butterflies meant and this article has blessed me beyond measure. Confirm where I am in my walk with Christ and where is He is leading me to. Thank you and God bless. I saw few days back in my dream butterflies flying in the sky. I was wondering what God wants me to understand from that.

I thank you so much for sharing the message about butterfly. God bless you. Thank you this is very encouraging have a blessed day stay focused and keep sharing your love enjoy your journey. I LOVE this article!!!

Tyndale | God's Beautiful Butterflies

I went through a very unexpected divorce after 30 years of marriage and ever since then 6 years ago I can really identify with butterflies. God has used my story and I have been leading a Divorce Support Group in my church for the past 4 years. I am now blessed to be able to walk through this journey with others because our Lord uses everything for good!! And I am re-married to a wonderful, Godly man! Thank you for sharing this article. I really want one of these butterfly kits!! Where can I get one?? This made me cry because it resonated so much with me.. Our miracle is coming, we have transformed SO much during the struggle and while being unemployed for over a year… but the miracle comes in a few days in fact, because my husband who has also gone through a radical transformation from being a lukewarm Christian to a firm believer has finally found employment or rather it has found him … and we will no longer be in such a compromising situation anymore and be able to pay off our debts slowly but surely.

All we had to do was trust Him. Jesus never fails. I knew it was good God shows me things in his creation. My Mom passed away July 28, and was buried August 4.