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Noun, Temporal : Designates the approximate point in time at which work begins in earnest ; employee motivation is frequently observed to be "dead" before the deadline draws near. Hey Pete , put down the controller my friend - it's time that we looked at these shuttle schematics.

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Wright April 05, Deadline unknown. A line drawn within or around a prison that a prisoner passes at the risk of being shot. Warden Hanson will shoot you down.

I can't stay in this hellhole any longer! The point at which work should held until, and then handed over to others all in one go. A deadline refers to a practice in earlier prison camps which were usually farms and therefore had no real fences and so the deadline was literally a perimeter line that if you crossed you would be shot and most likely killed.

Deadline 2025

Can you imagine if they were to enact old school deadlines in place of the modern equivalent? I bet everyone would turn their work in on time with that kind of pressure. Unless of course they were suicidal and too lazy to do it themselves.

Noun : See deadline. Deadlines help us prioritize our work and get it done on time. Try giving yourself a target end date, establishing a certain amount of time to work on the project each week, or taking one step toward completion each day.

The Dead Line

Hold yourself accountable by enlisting support. When you tell someone your time frame for completing the work and send them updates regularly, you have a greater incentive to make progress. Finally, incentivize yourself. Sometimes this happens because a project is ambiguous, boring, or messy. You naturally deprioritize it whenever possible, because working on it feels uncomfortable. You just never get to it, because items with clear deadlines feel more pressing. For example, you might decide that you want something done by a certain date, you could choose to spend a certain amount of time on a project each week, or you could make a goal to take one step each day toward completion.

Write down your commitments, ideally marking them in your calendar. By defining exactly when you want to get a project or parts of the project done, you help yourself understand where it falls in the order of priorities. Plus, you make working on the task feel more urgent. Sometimes the only way to move forward on deadline-free activities is to enlist support.

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When you tell someone your time frame for completing work and regularly send them updates, you have a greater incentive to make progress. Some people like to tell their goals to one person — a team member, boss, friend, or coach — and then report back to that individual. Others may decide to do a more public declaration.

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Consider telling a few people or posting on social media that you will do a certain activity by a specific time. This strategy can work if you have a number of people in your network who will remember and follow up with you. Alternatively, you can collaborate with someone on your project.

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