The Hands of Time

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What's more important is what is happening inside, as your organs are getting older. We look inside-out and focus on what's happening in our cells, in disease prevention and reversal," said the founder and CEO of Verita Healthcare Group. Andriesz monitors cellular ageing markers such as telomere length, DNA stability, inflammation and other epigenetic information through the Verita Index Biological Age test, an advanced age-screening developed in collaboration with gerontology scientists and microbiologists at the University of Vienna in Austria.

Available at the recently opened Verita Health MahaNakhon, the non-invasive screening allows comparing the ageing markers against a representative database to benchmark biological age against chronological age, and monitor biological-age reversal. The Singapore-based Verita Healthcare Group also operates in Europe, Australia and other countries in Southeast Asia, where its anti-ageing and health enhancement centres specialise in personalised regenerative treatments prescribed by an experienced international network of medical doctors and advisers.

Headed by its director, Dr Suthee Rujivanichkul, Verita Health MahaNakhon runs under a membership programme whose clients receive a variety of benefits, such as free screenings, access to breakthrough products, quarterly individual reviews by the international medical board and participation in health forums and workshops.

The patient-centred approach addresses the whole person rather than an isolated set of symptoms. We kind of got lost, and today we have doctors specialising in different organs.

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But the body doesn't work like that -- it works as a whole, requiring a holistic approach," said Andriesz. The London-born Andriesz moved to Asia when he was The entrepreneur shifted his focus to the healthcare sector after his mother was diagnosed with cancer.

For six years, she suffered from cancer and from conventional medicine's chemotherapy, radiation and surgery. Still, the cancer returned and then spread. The Verita Index of Biological Age compares cellular ageing markers, in order to benchmark 'biological age' against 'chronological age'. Unfortunately, he couldn't help his mother, but the research had him establishing Verita Life, whose integrative cancer treatments saved his father, afflicted with liver and lung cancer.

For me it came full circle, my mother was an inspiration who helped my father, who is now Despite his genetic predisposition, Andriesz counteracts the risk by leading a healthy lifestyle and boosting his immune system, which can naturally detect and destroy cancer cells. This is my life -- and so very, very much of it is gone.

A voice in my head laughed wickedly as it sneered, "Did you really think you were going to get away with this so easily?

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Did you really think you were done with this aging thing? How arrogant of you!

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How foolish of you! I don't know how to do this third age of my life -- these years between middle-age and old. I don't have a roadmap for what lies before me. I'm not some airbrushed and face-lifted women happily hawking anti-aging cream.

I was going to change the world and the "Age of Aquarius" meant I would be forever young. I felt cheated and somehow betrayed. This wasn't supposed to happen to me. But it has. My hands are telling me that my youth is done. I've become the grey-haired lady in the drug store. As I head into my 60th birthday, a whole new feeling about myself is emerging.

Everything that I thought was valid and settled is now up for grabs. I don't want to be doing the same things I was doing a year ago or five years ago.

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Sands and Hands of Time

I want to misbehave. I want to kick this thing called "my life" and rock it wide open. I want to dance it and question it. There is an aching need for me to tear it all apart and look at the pieces -- where have I been, what have I done and where am I going now?

Where is the meaning and power, the potency, joy, laughter and wonder of my life? I'm on my way to a place I've never really thought much about.

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Wait, to be really honest, I never thought about it at all! I wasn't planning on getting old. Do any of us?

But into my future I must go. So, with my heart open and my spirit very curious, I am walking full-wide and brave into this next great adventure of my life. I'm walking into the hands of time. Robin Korth: The Hands of Time.

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Robin Korth enjoys interactions with her readers. Feel free to contact her at info robininyourface. To learn about her new book, "Soul on the Run," go to: www. You can also download her " Robin In Your Face " free daily motivational app by going to www.