There Are No Werewolves in Foxholes

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Jan 12, PM. Danielle books view quotes. The statement " There are no atheists in foxholes " is an aphorism used to argue that in times of extreme stress or fear, such as during war "in foxholes " , all people will believe in, or hope for, a higher power and there are therefore no atheists. The origin of the quotation is uncertain. Clear or the anonymous sergeant he spoke with there , who was also at Bataan and published the usage in ; [6] or Lieutenant Colonel William Casey.

The phrase is often attributed to war correspondent Ernie Pyle ; [7] [8] [9] [10] however, no such source published prior to Pyle's death is known. It was also quoted by President Dwight D. With slightly different wording, the statement appears much earlier in press reports dating from the end of the First World War , while a similar concept has been sought in Plato 's Laws , and in Karl Marx 's claim that "Religion is the sigh of the oppressed creature, the heart of a heartless world, and the soul of soulless conditions.

It is the opium of the people ". While primarily used to comment on the experiences of combat soldiers, the aphorism has been adapted to other perilous situations, as in "There are no atheists in Probate court ". The quote has also been used in non-military contexts. In September , in the depths of the financial crisis of — , both Ben Bernanke and Paul Krugman popularized a version of the quote in reference to financial crises.

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They paraphrased Harvard professor Jeffrey Frankel , who originally wrote in the Cato Journal a year earlier, "They say 'there are no atheists in foxholes. During the news coverage of his death and subsequent cryonic suspension , Hall of Fame baseball player and fighter pilot Ted Williams was said to be an atheist, by his former teammate Johnny Pesky. Joe Simpson , author of Touching the Void , addresses the issue in the film adaptation of his nearly fatal climb up the Siula Grande mountain. Referring to the moment when he lay at the bottom of a deep crevasse, dehydrated, alone, and with a broken leg, he states: '"I was totally convinced I was on my own, that no one was coming to get me.

I was brought up as a devout Catholic.

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I'd long since stopped believing in God. By flyposting placards, by the distribution of leaflets, and through the painting of slogans on walls, the German civilians in the occupied areas were to be reminded, wherever necessary, where their duty lay, and that it was an obligation to support and encourage Werewolf and to shield its agents from discovery. The concept of Werewolf as an elite band of partisans was first given formal endorsement in the late spring of , and the task of recruiting, organising, and training was passed to SS Major General Prutzmann.

In order to preserve the secrecy of the organisation, the first recruits were obtained not by public announcement but by verbal invitation or by personal recommendation. Once a nucleus of reliable men and women had been assembled and instructed, a wider circle of people could be admitted into the secret. The results of this wider trawl pleased the National Socialist hierarchy, for there followed a flood of the keenest men and women willing to enlist in this secret force. There was never any need for conscription in Germany, as usual. Werewolf began and ended as an all volunteer organisation.

The bitter war in Russia and in occupied Europe had given the German Army a vast amount of experience in antipartisan operations, and it was acknowledged that the SS Hunter Bands were the most efficient in combating the hidden enemy.