Theyre Coming For You 3: Scary Stories that Scream to be Read... Thrice

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A jump scare in a horror movie might make you spill your popcorn. A monster brought to life via special effects might send shivers down your spine. But what does it take to truly get under your skin? For many of us, the answer is words. Words have the power to communicate unsettling ideas, showcase demented minds at work, and unleash terrors locked away in our own imaginations. So turn on all the lights in the house, pull up the covers, and read these unforgetable scary sayings… if you dare.

Note: You might also be interested in our collection of famous Halloween quotes. Before Stephen King and creepypastas — indeed, before horror was even a genre — authors have been scaring the bejeezus out of readers with their chilling use of language. At first, everyone was excited, and they all clamoured eagerly to get the first few.

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As soon as they were proven reliable, anyone who could afford it bought one. At first, it seemed perfect. Murderers and criminals were caught easily, and you could judge how a relationship could go on the first date. There was a petition to get the chips removed, which was successful. Unfortunately, their brains had been altered by the chip. Online support groups popped up and scientists everywhere began researching ways to reverse the effect. It turned out that some random on reddit had the answer. Circular reasoning maybe, but his solution worked. I was always poor, I could never afford the chip.

I can hear them moaning and shuffling outside my door right now, desperate for mine. The weekend was finally here.

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It had been a long week, and you really need this reprieve to maintain sanity. The speed limit is 35 here, but you pull up behind a red truck going well under. You feel a little bad, having honked at someone probably just looking for the right road, but you let it go quickly. You make it a couple more miles down the road until you need to turn on your headlights. Again, you have to slow down to below the limit. You honk again. This time his right blinker turns on, and he pulls off to the side. You go around and speed up.

You watch him in the rearview mirror. It might as well be midnight in these woods. The closer you get to home, the faster you go. Cops never watched these roads.

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Just two miles away, you come across a sharp corner at speed. You come to a stop and look behind you. With a flash, its highbeams turn on and you hear it peeling out. You whip your car right and watch the red truck fly by. There it is again. The same red truck.

Always ahead of you, yet following you. Its driver side door hangs wide open. And so does the front door of your house. That was what my Granpa told me when I was five years old and accidentally broke the old mirror that hung in the hallway of his house while I was pretend sword-fighting with a broom.

I never got to really ask him much about it, because Granpa was dead the next morning, found dead in his bed by my Dad. They said he passed peacefully in his sleep. As I grew older, I heard more and more about luck, both good and bad. Some called it auras, some called it fate; but the one that seemed to feel right was karma. Doing good things could bring you good karma, doing bad things brought bad karma. And, like luck, I felt that karma could be influenced by the same actions, and I saw enough of it happen to believe it. In high school, I once saw our football coach walk under a ladder that was being used by painters in the gym.

The next day, Coach Clark fell off the top of the bleachers at the football field and broke his neck. While I was in college, I dated a really cute girl named Amber. During a heavy thunderstorm one day, she opened her umbrella inside the student center before going out into the rain. On her way home later that evening, she lost control of her car and sailed right over an embankment; the authorities said that she most likely died on impact and felt no pain when the car caught fire and burned.

Right now, she is upstairs taking a nap after I had slipped a couple of crushed Ambien into her coffee, while I am downstairs setting fire to the drapes with a lit candle and watching the fire spread to the carpet. As I walk out the door to my car, I wonder just how many times I will have to do this before people start to believe in bad karma. As soon as my wife got home I took the car and left. I was so done with everything. I was a deadbeat drunk dad and I was much better off where I was going then sitting at home and drinking away what little money we had.

You could say I was being selfish. In a way I was doing them all a favor. I was doing my kids a favor.

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Perhaps they will forgive me in time. They will do what I failed to do. They will do good in school and move on to college.

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They will make their mother proud. Well here I am. I planned where i would swerve the car off the bridge. I planned which side I would veer the car off to make it look like it was an accident. Here I go. The car flies off the bridge exactly where I planned it to. Everything goes slow. And then I think about everything my kids will go on to do. I smile and look back to see the sky one last time. My fascination, however, is more of a medical one.

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Using dead organs and muscle and tissue built around a skeleton to create life? Seemed impossible, but I always kept an open mind. My colleagues would never agree to work with me on this conceptually flawed experiment, but Peter Goldstein had the funds to let me work toward my dream.

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He gave me the money when I asked, and I did all the work: finding fresh bodies, harvesting the organs and muscle and tissue and bones, assembling the pieces, finding the chemical mixture to bring the dead tissue back to life once more. Years of work to find the perfect ingredients. I need to get them from a living specimen. I plunged a hidden syringe in his neck and sedated him. The body would not last much longer. I needed the parts now. I laid him down on my operating table and began to work. I completed the work on the creature and began pumping the chemicals into its body.

If my calculations are correct, it is mere minutes away from being a living being.

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The sedative must be wearing off from Peter; he is beginning to stir. I hope he is as excited as I am about this momentous occasion.