To Love a Sea Rogue

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Australian Women's Weekly. The turquoise ocean stretched all the way to the horizon as I leant back in my chair and dipped another prawn into the cocktail sauce. With a river fisherman for a dad, I'd grown up by the ocean and loved spending time in it.

When my old mate, Charlie, asked me to take up prawn trawling with him, I couldn't resist. Prawns only come out at night so our world looked like an endless, twinkling sky as we threw nets out and hauled them back in.

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After our last catch, we cleaned up and I headed below decks for a quick nap while Charlie steered the boat. It felt like I'd only just closed my eyes when a loud crash jolted me awake. I'd landed on the ceiling but I couldn't see anything until my eyes adjusted to the darkness. Suddenly, Charlie was next to me, splashing through the water as he tried to find a way out. The water had risen up to my chest when I finally saw a window. Broken glass slashed my chest and legs as I struggled to clamber out but I had to ignore it if I wanted to survive.

The Sea Rogue.

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Pictures exclusive to Take 5. I was relieved when Charlie and I broke the surface, gasping for air. Seconds later, JJ swam over, bobbing on a plastic tub from the ship. We were nearly 20km from shore and hadn't told anyone where we were going. In the dead of the night, there was no chance we'd be found, even if a search party was looking for us. Our last hopes were dashed as we watched our boat sink beneath the water. It was so dark, there was no way we'd see a shark approaching before it attacked. We were sitting ducks.

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Me and JJ flying over Byron Bay. Terrified, I tried to steady my breathing. I wasn't married and didn't have any kids, but I worried how my mum would cope if I died. I cleared everything from my mind and focused on thinking of her. Parents often said they could tell when their child was in crisis.

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Dressed only in a singlet and briefs, I shivered in the freezing water. Charlie's legs had tired from treading water while JJ had a bad back and could barely swim. Although Charlie rarely talked about his health, he'd lost so much weight lately I was sure he was unwell. Clarence Valley.

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This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. Sort order. Apr 04, Squire rated it liked it Shelves: first-reads. Disclaimer1: I won this book in a goodreads giveaway.

To Love a Sea Rogue

Experimenting with GR giveaways, I entered every giveaway for 5 days. I wanted to go 7 days, but I ran into Easter and giveaways that ended on 01 April--not happening. I won 10 books, this is one. Disclaimer2: This isn't my kind of reading material. I haven't read a book of this sort since high school, the result of a Truth or Dare game gone horribly wrong--the details of which, while amusing, are not relevant. To Love a Sea Rogue is a compilation of two previously published I think works of romantic fiction featuring The novel "Act of Pardon" concerns the affair between Captain Adrian Johnathon Charles Westerbrooke and the would-be assassin he captures; "Angel's Master" is a novella that deals with the affair between Captain Ethan Williams and the captive who bears a striking resemblance to the masthead of his ship.

I have a few thoughts on this book and the genre of romantic fiction; they are scattered and disorganized, but I'll do my best to make them coherent. When I was a stoopid lad of about 24, I spent a summer working on my uncle's orchard in Washington state. At 74, Uncle Charlie got up at every morning and came home from the office around 7pm.

He'd have a late supper with his wife, then retire to his study with a beer for an hour or so of reading, usually westerns: Louis Lamour, Zane Gray, Max Brand his favorite , etc. One day, he asked me if I'd ever read a western and I replied, "No.

Ok so Thor is great and all, but do you know who really deserves the title of best Himbo?

Her curiosity grew in time to the contentment of close intimacy I don't have anything to really compare it to since I don't read this stuff, but Sandra Sookoo's prose is light and brisk and flows well; it's coy when it needs to be, though her descriptions of the sexual organs of both male and female are repetitive and get boring after a while, though I recognize that such limitations do breed a level of comfort and familiarity necessary for the success of this genre.

Not having a comparison base, I do feel confident in saying this probably "spicy" romantic fiction. I'll stop here to interject that I said in a status update that I learned something while reading this book.

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Not "from" the book, but the book did motivate me to do some research and here is the intellectual snob in me rearing it's ugly head, I guess. Skip to content Free download.